Date Speaker Topic Experimental Reading Review Reading Related Readings Slides
1/09/18 Nitz Overview Eagleman - time perception review
Driver and Pouget - unilateral neglect
1/11/18 Nitz Parietal Cortex: Hemineglect Karnath & Hartje - decrease of contralateral neglect Driver - parietal neglect and visual awareness slides-pdf
1/16/18 Nitz Parietal Cortex: Gain Fields Andersen - parietal cortex gain fields Andersen - a common reference frame Andersen - intentions, actions in fronto-parietal circuits
Andersen - parietal area 5 and hand-eye coordination
Andersen - multimodal integration in parieta cortex
Andersen - hand-eye coordination, parietal and premotor cortex
Bernier/Grafton - fMRI evidence of reference frames
Duhamel - parietal area VIP reference frames
Pouget, Deneve, Duhamel - reference frame transformatin and basis functions
Andersen - LIP vs 7a, body- versus world-centered reference frames
1/18/18 Nitz Motor Cortex: Control Mechanisms & Direction Tuning
Motor Cortex: Muscle Synergies
Schwartz - premotor vs. motor cortex Cheney - perspectives on classical controversies about the motor cortex
Schwartz - motor cortex control of a robotic arm
Scott - motor control review
Scott - motor cortex and 'pathlets'
Strick - premotor/motor, directions versus postures
Strick - motor cortex, directions versus postures
Schwartz - motor cortex and joint angles
Andersen - depth mapping in parietal cortex
Hatsopoulos - directional tuning pathlets
Kargo/Nitz - adaptation of motor cortex activity
1/23/18 Nitz Allocentric Space I: Place Cells Wilson and McNaughton - dynamics of the hippocampal ensemble code for space McNaughton - neural basis of the cognitive map Burgess - fMRI evidence for grid cells in humans
Blair/Sharp - head direction cells and angular velocity
Burgess - boundary vector model for place cells
Eichenbaum - spatial memory or memory space
Moser - border cells
1/25/18 Nitz Allocentric Space I: Head Direction Cells
Peyrache - internally organized mechanisms of the head direction sense Taube - the head direction signal: origins and sensory-motor integration Taube - path integration: how the head direction signal maintains and corrects spatial orientation slides-pdf
1/30/18 Nitz Allocentric Space I: Grid Cells
Moser - grid cells Moser - manifold of maps slides-pdf
2/01/18 Nitz Object Centered Space: Seen and Unseen Freedman and Assad - task rules define reference frame in LIP Olson - object centered cognition in humans and monkeys
Froehler and Duffy - path, place, heading in MST
Nitz - route-mapping in rat parietal cortex
Pouget/Sejnowski - basis functions and hemineglect
Pouget/Deneve - object space model
Andersen - transforming reference frames
Pasupathy and Connor - 'parts' of objects in area V4
2/06/18 Nitz Object Centered Space: Object Based Mapping Crowe, Averbeck, Chafee - object centered activity dynamics Johnson & Redish - neural ensembles in CA3 transiently encode paths forward of the animal at a decision point
2/08/18 Nitz Midterm Exam Review
2/13/18 Nitz Midterm Exam
none none
2/15/18 Nitz Numerosity Nieder - enumeration Núñez - is there really an evolved capacity for number? slides-pdf
2/20/18 Nitz Allocentric Space II: Phase Precession and Traveling Theta Waves O'Keefe & Recee - phase relationship between hippocampal place units and the EEG theta rhythm Buzsaki and Ruíz - entorhinal-CA3 dual-input control of spike timing in the hippocampus by theta-gamma coupling Buzsaki - temporal coding on marijuana
Tank - intracellular phase precession
Siapas - theta is a travelling wave
Yamaguchi - phase precession review
2/22/18 Nitz Allocentric Space II: Models for Phase Precession
Moser - finite scale of spatial representation McNaughton - phase precession review
2/27/18 Nitz Models for Interval Timing Buonomano - time in a dish Meck - interval timing in corticostriatal circuits Graybiel - time in basal ganglia neurons
Nitz - cerebellar pacemakers
Averbeck - parallel times/sequences
Oshio - PFC neurons and duration
Shadlen - Parietal neurons and duration
Matell and Meck - beat frequencies
Tanji - premotor binary coding of sequence
Wise - frontal duration coding
Vaadia - time warp
3/01/18 Nitz Sequence Mapping Buzsaki - internal sequences Foster and Knierim - sequence learning and the role of the hippocampus in rodent navigation Graybiel - PFC trial boundaries
Averbeck - parallel times/sequences
Averbeck - saccade sequence memory
Ferbinteanu and Shapiro - place fields and sequences
Graybiel - Basal Ganglia, a primer
Chiba and Kesner
Nitz - path shape impacts the extent of CA1 pattern recurrence both within and across environments
3/06/18 Nitz Prefrontal Cortex Mechanisms for Time Estimation Genovesio - feature and order-based timing representations in frontal cortex Tanji - premotor duration coding
Maunsell - temporal integration and attention Shadlen - time bounded information
Deweese - reliaibility in auditory processing
3/08/18 Nitz Impact of Dopamine on Time Perception Kim and Narayanan - frontal D1 neurons and temporal control of action
03/13/18 Nitz Final Exam Review final exam questions
3/15/18 Nitz Final (non cumulative)
none none
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