Date Speaker Lecture Principle of the Week Advanced Topic Paper(s)
introduction and review of brain electrical potentials The Neuron Doctrine and
Law of Dynamic Polarization
01/12/17 Nitz proprioceptive, somatosensory, and vestibular systems
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The Neuron Doctrine and
Law of Dynamic Polarization
01/17/17 Nitz advanced topic I - registration of allocentric positions in neural activity Topographic Representation Derdikman and Moser - A manifold of spatial maps in the brain
Buffalo - grid cells in primates
01/19/17 Nitz the visual system
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Overlay of Egocentric Maps
01/24/17 Nitz advanced topic II - registration of time in neural activity Homeostasis Genovesio - feature and order based timing representation
Tanji - working memory and interval timing
01/26/17 Nitz the auditory system
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Active Sensing
01/31/17 Nitz advanced topic III - multiple forms of information encoding Active Sensing Crowe - Dynamic versus static coding of task-relevant information
02/02/17 Nitz midterm I
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02/07/17 Nitz neuromodulatory systems, spatial cognition
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Functional Anatomy
02/09/17 Nitz advanced topic IV - basal forebrain control of cortical responsivity Frames of Reference Dan - optogenetic control of basal forebrain
02/14/17 Nitz basal ganglia, cerebellum, sleep-wake control
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Lauwereyns - neural correlates of response bias
Kim - long term memory of object value for habitual behavior
02/16/17 Nitz advanced topic V - basal ganglia systems for value and response bias Overlay of Egocentric Maps Lauwereyns - neural correlates of response bias
Kim - long term memory of object value for habitual behavior
02/21/17 Nitz advanced topic VI - synaptic plasticity none Tsodyks - redistribution of synaptic efficacies
02/23/17 Nitz midterm II
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02/28/17 Nitz learning and memory
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Fire Together-Wire Together
03/02/17 Nitz advanced topic VII - the dual-state theory of schizophrenia Implicit vs. Explicit Memory Durstewitz and Seamans - cell assemblies, 'energy', and schizophrenia
03/07/17 Nitz motor control
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The Population Code
03/09/17 Nitz prefrontal cortex
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The Population Code
03/14/17 Nitz advanced topic VIII - categories Top-Down Processing Tanji - action sequence categories
Freedman - directional categories
Nieder - numerosity
03/16/17 Nitz Final
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